Material Icons Not Rendering In Android

I took the latest nightly a few days ago (morning of 5/27) and ever since then all icons in my project are not rendering while using the android application or when using Chrome on the same mobile device. The same icons display as expected in my Designer as well as when I use a regular desktop browser (Chrome).

The material icons on the android devices we have here load and appear correctly. I am assuming you are using the Icon component with a path defined in the material library. Are you still seeing this? If so would you mind sending a backup? Also what operating system version is your android device?

My Gateway Backup is too large to share here (611MB because I have many photos living in the webserver directory).
My Perspective app is version 0.85

My Android version is 9 (while you can’t see the icons, clicking in the bottom white bar invokes the actions I have configured for onClick events for the Icons which should be there):

The following browser screenshot is Chrome:

After replacing my material.svg file with a newer copy, I am no longer encountering this issue.