Matplotlib.pyplot in Ignition

Hi. I want to use a Python module in Ignition called matplotlib.pyplot, I would like to know how I can do to integrate these modules in my gateway?


Check out this article:

Hello Nick, this is a module composed of many, copy the folder that contained all the files in the address that says in the guide but still I skip the error.

In fact I already acted and I get this.

matplotlib appears to require Python 2.7 at a minimum.

The version of Jython in Ignition is compatible with 2.5.

This library will not be usable.

And the Numpy Library?
Is there any way to use matplotlib even with an Ignition module?

3rd-party libraries that you integrate using a custom Ignition module need to be written in Java, not Python.

Conceivably, you could use JavaGnuplotHybrid or DataMelt. This would require some effort, and your code would not be compatible with matplotlib. You could also execute external Python code to generate images which you could then serve up to Ignition for display. This would also be quite a bit of work. There is no equivalent of numpy.

Is there any guide to using JavaGnuplotHybrid or DataMelt?

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[quote=“Juank_Chavarria, post:11, topic:14537”]
How to use this program?

I’m just looking at it for the first time myself. Thought I’d share what I’ve stumbled upon, since we are both trying to access some scientific/engineering calc libraries.

See also:

It supports Python 2.3 with unit tests run in Python 2.6. You can include these libraries as the Ignition docs direct the use of 3rd party Python libraries.