Maven projects

I imported the modules examples downloaded from from github into Eclipse , the building work-space was finished (OK). However I get lot of errors on @override directive in the source code of most of the projects! It gives suggestion “change project compliance and JRE to 1.5”. A ! On accepting the suggestion I get errors such as … “The method newConfigObject() of type new AbstractDataSourceConfigFactory(){} must override a superclass method” on other @override directives. I am using JRE 1.8 when maven was installed!
There must be a generic way of solving this problem. Please help.

Hi Kevin,

I thought it will be easier to build modules using Maven campared to earlier approach. But I am getting into unexpected issues with Maven using Eclipse IDE. I know it has something to do with IDE’s compiler preferences set to JRE 1.5 version, but the errors are not going away despite choosing the compiler options for right version (1.7)!

Should I try to build Maven projects using command prompt? Will it solve the problems mentioned in my previous post?

I need to just recompile my modules to get a version for Ignition 7.8 sdk, which works only on Maven. The version corrosponding to 7.7 is already created using the old sdk approach. The Ignition version 7.8.3 is already installed and working fine like a champion on my laptop. Only the recompilation with Maven is required.

Will appreciate your help on it.

Everything should build fine from the Maven command line.

I don’t really know much about the Eclipse/Maven integration. All the Maven build files have the maven compiler plugin configured with the appropriate Java version. Eclipse should be able to pick that up and configure each project appropriately.

Perhaps some other module developers on the forum who do use Eclipse can chime in.

I will try using command line.
Comments from anyone else on their experience would be appreciated.