Max Heap differs from Memory Trend Max heap


I am having some issues on a redundant gateway setup with the child gateway failing to ping the master gateway occasionally, and I believe that the network is not causing the issue. When I look at the performance I can see that for some reason the gateway is convinced that it only has 1 thread available to it in the Memory Trend, however you can see the Memory max heap is 2048 near its gauge.

I am curious if anyone has any ideas what this means, if they have seen it, or potentially I have something configured incorrectly.

(ignition.conf is set to 2048 as well)

I’ve seen something similar a few times. Refreshing the webpage has always fixed it for me, leading me to believe it’s probably a rendering bug. I always panic when I see it though.


I am having the same issue, and refreshing the GW page in the brower doesn’t fix it.

Any idea about how to solve this issue?

Thankyou in advance