Max Memory

I am following the tag max memory. It seems to be pegged at 1 GB, but I have much more available. How is the max memory set for a system? If I want to adjust it up - where would I do that?


Wherever you installed Ignition you should find an ignition.conf file that lets you adjust the max memory.

For 32-bit systems the limit is 1536mb. There is no limitation on 64-bit.

You will need to restart the gateway for it to take effect.

If I have 16GB and it is on a linux machine with really nothing else installed is there any reason I couldn’t tell it 16 or should I back off a bit?

You should always leave a few GB for the OS… but is there any reason you need that much? How big is this system going to be?

Not huge - probably 10,000 tags.

2gb should be plenty… are you sure you even used the 1gb? Where are you checking for usage?

If not the status page or memory tab on the gateway check those as well.

No I haven’t used the 1GB yet, but just want to check on it. I saw it in the Max Memory tag under system.

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