Max number of clients

We have a lot of clients connected to our gateway. Exact number vary between 180 à 210.

Does anyone have experience with a many clients connected? Any tips or problem I should expect?

We had some latency using system.tag.write in the past few days. But I did some tests to see if the problems is related with the quantity of clients and there was no clear relation between the problem and the number of client.

Actually, the bigger problem is the gateway is unable to list the clients in the webpage.

Any comments?

We have a ticket for the client status page issue, and it should be fixed soon. :flushed:

Others will have more down-in-the-trenches experience, but from a dev point of view, your experience with a lot of clients will vary a lot depending on how much those clients need from the gateway and how good the gateway resources are. Doing things like caching db queries in tags or via named query caches will help a lot – basically anything that limits round trips to the gateway and gateway-intensive processes.

Actually, except our system.tag.write latency issue, everything works fine and et is very impressive. I should say most of the clients (maybe 75%) use very small ressources from the gateway with less than 40 tags subscribed.

So if I understand correcty, the client status page issue will be fixed in the next release?


I think “a future release” is a more accurate statement - it’s definitely on the radar to be fixed, but until it’s in a changelog don’t rely on it being in a particular version.

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Is there any workaround to get the client list? Because that could become a serious problem…

<your ip>/main/data/vision/status/sessions will give you a JSON representation of your currently active clients.

I tried by replacing by the ip of my gateway.
I got that:

You’ll need to log in on the regular status page before you try that URL so that you have an active session cookie.

That could be really helpful to have that kind of trick listed somewhere.