Max of an array from opcua?

I am trying to get the max value of a tag value that is being imported from an opcua server.
It can read the data as either an float array or data set.

I can get the tag to read successfully, however there is a large amount of numbers in the set (around 2,000). Obviously I don’t want to store the whole set so I am trying to store just the max value.

I have tried, setting an expression where I got the function and tag name from the side menu.
tankreading is the name of my tag


and many other variants of that. I have tried setting the tankreading to both array and dataset. Any ideas?
thanks in advance

If the data is coming from single source (PLC or similar) can you change the code in that device to get the max number there?

Or if it is from several sources, perhaps you can get the max from each source so that you have fewer numbers to compare (say 10)?

The max() function takes a 2nd argument that indicates which column to use when you pass it a dataset. Have you tried that yet?

After digging around the opcua server I think I found the Max and min values are being stored. Thanks