"Max Time Between records" not working


We have been trying to configure “Max Time between records” in several tags but we are not able to make it work. We are used to use this feature in other platforms to avoid empty historical queries when the tag doesn’t change for a long time, and we need this feature also in Ignition.

Configuration is pretty straight forward but the system is not logging within the expected interval. We have tried many different configurations:

  • With simple tags (non UDTs)
  • With really fast Scan class (1 second scan class for 10 seconds between records)
  • Choosing Analog or Discrete in Value Mode
  • Using seconds, executions or minutes as a interval unit.
  • Using different machines.

Operating system is Windows 2012 server standard (also tested in Win7) and Ignition version is 7.7.1. Testing the same in Ignition 7.6.6 (when there where much less options to force logging) it works fine.

Are we missing something in the new version?.
Best Regards.

There was an issue fixed for Ignition 7.7.2 where time between records was not working correctly. This was true when the historical scan class was the same as the realtime scan class. The fix is in 7.7.2-rc2