Max Time between Records Unlimited pros/cons

I am weighing weather or not to set the Max Time between Records to Unlimited or not. Right now I have it set so that I at least do a recording every 5 mins based on the scan class and Max Time between Records settings. What really are the cons to setting it to Unlimited? If the HMI unexpectedly shuts down, would that be an issue?

I found that the HMI I have is really slow to load Trending pages and I would like to make it more responsive. I also tried changing the Tag History Resolution from 300 to 10, just to see what happens, when my Resolution mode is Fixed. That didn’t help with response time and it didn’t even look to make a difference with the resolution on the page.

Be aware that the chart will only show a line between two points that are within the displayed viewport. If there are no recorded points within the timeframe selected, you won’t see any data displayed for that tag, no xtrace, nothing. Hence why Max time is important for slow updating tags, especially things like digitals.
I set mine to the min time period that you might want to show, divided by 3.
Eg if min chart time period = 1 hour, then set Max time between samples to 20mins, then it guarantees that you’ll have at least 2 points within the chart to plot a line