Maximum amount of device connections in Gateway

Hi all.
I'm designing a new Ignition system where I have a lot of different types of devices like Rockwell, Siemens, Opto22, even OPC Servers, etc.
The plant has three areas with about 10 devices each one (30 devices totally approx.).
Which is the maximum amount of device connections allowed in Ignition? Is there some manual to check the Gateway performance?
I don't know if we have to use 1, 2 or 3 Gateways in a Gateway Network.
If you could help me I will thank you a lot.


There is no license limit for device connections, except on Edge version.

That leaves hardware spec.

You could have 10000 devices each only reading one tag so 10K tags, it wouldn't be fun to setup but it wouldn't be a big load.

The above guide advises based on tags and also Vision clients/Perspective sessions.


Thanks you so much!
That's what I've been looking for!