Maximum number of client

We would like to use a machine Core i7 32 Go RAM to run 8 clients at the same time. What’s the maximum no. of client can be managed through Ignition on a same machine?
Can we run the 8 clients and still guarantee the good functioning of the system?

Thank you in advance.

It depends on the size of your projects, you can’t put a hard number on this kind of thing. However, I will say that it should handle 8 clients with ease. I currently run any where from 6-8 clients and average 600-700 mb of memory and 2% cpu usage. The best thing to do is to deploy test clients and monitor your CPU, memory, and database query throughput on the Ignition gateway url. Adjust your max allowed memory usage by Ignition to be somewhere around 30% more than your normal usage. There can be a lot of different factors that add up to performance, but I’m sure you can manage it easily with the right configuration. Set it up and if you have problems come back to the forum and ask a specific question for help.

Thank you for your answer.
But the questions isn’t really can the gateway handle 8 clients … it’s more can the machine handle 8 clients running permanently on it?

It still will come down to what your projects are doing. If they are relatively simple displays, it should scale really well and handle 8+ clients.

We use about half that hardware than that to run 3-4 client systems with some resources to spare, so in theory you should be good.

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Again, without knowing your database query load and what the project size is we can’t definitively say yes or no. Like I said, it sounds like

and I mean that as always running. If you are not currently running Ignition you can download it and run it for free in two hour stints. If it is that concerning, put it to the test and find out. It won’t cost you a thing besides time.


Pretty typical figures for our facility.

If I understand correctly, you’re asking only about a client machine running multiple clients (not the gateway). As others have noted, this depends a lot on the complexity of the client projects, but those specs should have no trouble running quite a bit. Testing with your particular clients is the best way to confirm. If you don’t have the hardware yet to test on, try it on some hardware you do have and try to extrapolate a bit (not perfect, but should give you some idea).

Another thing to consider is whether this machine needs to run eight separate clients, or if it could run one client with eight desktops, which will be more resource efficient (but requires that all “clients” use the same project).

We have machines that spawn 8 instances of the same application using the multi-monitor support.
This is basically 8 clients running, one on each monitor.
They are standard HP Desktops with 16 GB of RAM and have no issues.

Good catch.

Also keep in mind that you can allocate Java heap sizes per project, so some fine tuning can be done there.