Maximun Size Vision Client Launcher

Is there a way to get the Vision Client launcher to display 100% of the window size? I set up the window as shown in the attached image, you can see that there are 'margins' and the window is not showing at 100%. I have worked with Indusoft Studio and the runtime is shown in the entire window.
PS: The spaces shown in the green line are the 'margins' I want to remove
Pd: The spaces showed in green line are the 'margins' that I want to eliminated

You have the command/Windows/help toolbar at the top, removing that will probably get your dimensions to match up.

If you don't want to remove that, then change the dimensions of your window in the designer.

When you develop screens in Vision, you have to choose between "Relative" layout and "Anchored" layout on a per-container and per-component basis.

"Relative" is the default. It scales components/containers to fit, and, again by default, maintains aspect ratio. This yields spacer bars when the actual space's aspect ratio doesn't quite match the container/component aspect ratio.

Be aware that the client menu bar, in full screen mode, reduces the Y dimension but not the X dimension of the available space, changing the aspect ratio the window must fit.

You should experiment with the various "Layout" modes for your containers and components to see all of the possible interactions.

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Also, in general, trying to design to a specific final client device resolution is a bad idea. Design for approximately the correct aspect ratio at a smaller size, and let the runtime scale it up (according to the layout settings Phil mentioned). Do not set an explicit maximum size for your windows, basically ever, with the rare exception of specific P&ID layouts, which Vision generally struggles with.