Memory leakage in browser in each time of saving designer

When I open designer(perpsective) and my browser at the same time, every time I change my project and save it to the gateway the browser use more memory. If I close browser and reopen it again the memory usage go back to normal , until I start save designer changes.

Hi @nader.chinichian,

What version are you using?


I’m going to need some additional information. Were you seeing this behavior in previous versions? Do you see any logs in the gateway/browser? What is the scope of the project when running into this issue?

I see this behavior in 8.0.6 beforeand hope to fix this problem in 8.0.9.
I don’t see any logging in gateway.
I only see this problem in perspective not the vision specially when editing a view.

Hmm. You aren’t seeing any logs in the browser when you have a session open?

No nothing regard this problem.
I see only increase in ram usage

I would contact support about this issue. Hard to tell what’s causing this issue without diving deeper in the environment you’re working in.


There were a number of memory leaks that were addressed in (I believe) 8.0.8 and 8.0.9. Some of these leaks were caused by dependencies, and the fix involved updates to these (react/react-dom, mobx). Unfortunately, this update brought its own issue due to an undocumented change by one of those dependencies (excessively deep callstacks were being created at a rate that increased when an individual component type was used in a session, resulting in a display error). That issue was not isolated and fixed until 8.0.10, which just got an RC1 release this morning (Pacific Standard Time).

We believe both issues have been addressed and stability in long-running clients should notably increase this release.

Give the 8.0.10-rc1 release a shot and please let us know if you find the memory issues persist.

Ok I’ll try it and let you know

It seems ok in my first try.
Could you please tell when the final release of 8.0.10 is available to download?

Glad to hear it appears to have fixed the memory leaks you were seeing.

Barring the discovery of regressions or bugs in the Release Candidate, I think it should be available end of week or early next week.

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Hi Perry
Today I noticed even in 8.0.10 rc1 I have some memory leakage. For clearance I record my screen footage to show how this will happen in just 1 min with several save command.