Memory String Tag and Text Area (maximum number of characters/size of string)

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I’m trying to mimic the console in a window where I write messages to a Text Area. Has anyone done this? The window with the Text Area will be closed most of the time (I want to add text when its closed and when its open) and is only opened when the user clicks a button. I discovered I can’t modify the text directly in the Text Area .text property unless the window is open and I get the Text Area component. I’m thinking of binding the .text property to a string memory tag. What’s the maximum number of characters allowed in a string memory tag? Of course the code would have to clear the text property periodically…don’t want to have thousands of line that just consume memory. I’ll probably have a client timer script that saves the text to a log file at midnight and only keep the x number of log files.

Any suggestions? I’m sure someone has done this.

Thank you!

Yes, you’ll need to us a tag. If the content is specific to each client, use a string client tag. Otherwise a gateway memory tag. If the latter, I recommend you not hold more than a few hundred lines of text, as you will be producing a great deal of traffic in the internal database.

Thank you Sir, great advice (I forgot about a client tag!).
About the String…do you have to know the maximum number of characters? I still can’t find it anywhere.
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I’d still limit it to, say, 64K.

Don’t use anywhere near the maximum possible size for a string that changes often. Really. You will crush your gateway. Have the method that will add lines also discard old lines to keep the total length reasonable. A couple hundred lines or so.

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Thank you Mr. Clark, very helpful!