Memory Tag Clears On Data Type

I am having an issue with some of my datatypes with string memory tags in it. I am running Ignition 7 and randomly the memory tags will clear. It mainly happens when I open up a client window and I have to retype the words back into the tags. Is there anyway I can prevent this? The information in these memory tags will never change.

Sounds like a bug, but if the values should never change, then you should be using an expression to set the values

What do you mean by expression?

Basically the data type is name, description, value. The value comes from the PLC but the other 2 are just hard coded words. I have 1000 of these so its easier to use a Data Type

In this case, in v7 I would add a name and description parameter to the UDT and create two expression tags that are bound to the two parameter values. In v8, you can access Udt parameter directly without binding to them

Oh ok makes sense. My only issue is I have done many different projects writing the tag directly to the string memory tag and its not until now that its been clearing. Is there anything I can do now that can help prevent this problem as changing everything over to expressions and binding it that way would take months as I have over a 1000 of these tags?

You would need to get in contact with support to have a look at what’s going on.
You can export tags as XML in v7, so you could do some processing of the XML to pull out the memory tag values and then move the values into the UDT parameters instead. It certainly wouldn’t take months

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Can you recommend some way of making it easier for myself? I created a new UDT where all tags are expressions and created all parameters. How can I convert my memory tags into expression tags easily without having to copy and paste each value into the parameters. I exported the tags as xml.