Memory tag in transaction Group

Hello, in my transaction Group , my memory tags keep always the “null” value but in the tags browser, the value of the memory tags is “1234567890123467”

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Etienne Delafolie

What is the data type of your memory tag?
What is the data type of your database field? (Is it the same? Is it big enough to accept the data?)
If you go to the gateway Status | Diagnostics | Logs do you see any errors?

The data types of database and memory tags is String.
and i dont see error in logs.
the tags is lot_wagon_for_tab_palettes :


Which type of transaction group are you using?

Historical Group

If you want to write your memory tag into the table, why are you “targeting” it as read-only instead of its own column, i.e. target name: “lot_wagon_xxxxx” ?

Its not the problem, the tags never got update in the transaction group, he always got the “null” value
But, in the browser tags the value its update

When you mean “the tags”, do you refer to “lot_wagon_for_tab_palettes” only ?

If it is only the “lot_wagon_for_tab_palettes” it will always have a null value in your table because you have it as read-only, it will not write into any table field hence null or not associated with anything

The problem is not the read-only and is not the SQL table.
this tag “lot_wagon_for_tab_palettes” in the transtion group read “Null”

But in the browser Tags , this same tag have a real value :

And i need the value on the transaction group.

Solution : Restart the server
Idk why this happening