Memory Tag Issue - V7.9.8

I have a rare issue where a memory tag isn’t being updated on a client.

We have a popup that has 6 dropdowns relating to recipe names currently selected. Each dropdowns ‘data’ property is set to an SQL query to obtain all available recipes, and the ‘Selected Label’ had a bidirectional link to the memory tag for that particular recipe number.
99.9% everything works ok, but it looks like sometimes an operator will change a recipe over to something else but another operator won’t see this change when they open the popup again and the old values they had on that popup write down to the memory tags causing a few issues when they try and stop the recipe running.
All attempts to debug this have failed so far and we can always keep the recipe names in sync even disconnecting clients everything looks fine, but the audit log shows the issue up when the fault happens, but nothing in the diagnostic log relating to this.

Has anyone any other ideas what could be causing this or if this is a rare known bug in Ignition?

Haven’t heard of this one. But I don’t imagine many are still using 7.9.8 at this point.