Memory Tag Null Values?

I have a integer memory tag with a Null value. Is that supported or a bug? Here is an image of the tag value in the browser:
And here is the tag overlay for a numerical display linked to that tag
I found this as an issue after a gateway restart (upgrade from 8.0.12 to 8.0.13). The tag value changed from 6 to null. I changed it back to 6. Then I tried to change it to null by deleting the value and hitting the enter key. It would not accept it. But if I clicked outside the tag browser after deleting the value it would accept the null value.

Nulls are accepted in the new tag system because it’s (by design) much more flexible and “defensive” about configuration. We try to discourage them in the UI, but there’s nothing preventing you from writing one via scripting - so there is a minor UX bug in the tag editor here, but otherwise it’s expected behavior that a tag can have a null value.

Thanks, that was very helpful.

Not a big issue, but its odd that the numeric controls and displays don’t handle the null values well. I hope that improves with latter releases.