Memory Tag that needs to have a '+" but Ignition doesn't allow

So I am trying to make a memory tag that is Boolean ‘C+S’, ignition will not allow a ‘+’ for some reason. So I am trying to do a work around for it but am very stuck. I made a tag called ‘CplusS’ and using a tag event script. Is there an easier way to go about this?

What is Component in this context and what are you trying to do?

Are you trying to name a memory tag “C+S”? (not allowed, but you haven’t explained why that would be required)

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It is required since that is the tag that is coming from the Database and can’t make changes in the database.

You’re very far away from clearly explaining what you’re trying to do and why… there’s no reason a memory tag name needs to match anything in your database.


Run a transform on the results of the database query and convert the ‘C+S’ to something else.

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I don’t think the ‘+’ is the part erroring since the variable doesn’t exist. The main question still is what you are intending to use the ‘Component’ variable for since that isn’t a provided value for the QualityChange method(Which I’m not even sure when that would fire on a memory tag other than maybe a reboot?)

You will probably want a valueChange event instead. And to get the value of the tag you could use CurrentValue.value and then do any adjustments to the dataset in that and return it to either another tag or location. Its hard to give specific advice since we aren’t getting the full picture.