Memory Tags Clear on Reboot

We are experiencing an issue where when the ignition server is rebooted (for updates or what have you) the memory tags are emptied. Is this a normal behavior and we need to come up with an alternate path to what we are trying to do or should it not behave that way?

Memory tags normally maintain their values through Ignition server restarts. Are all of your memory tags going back to initial values on every restart? Is it possible the Ignition Gateway service is being forcefully terminated?

You may want to contact support.


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All of our memory tags, no. It seems only text memory tags are losing their values. We do have a support ticket open.

That’s interesting. FWIW, in multiple Ignition 7.9 versions (currently 7.9.12) we have a number of text memory tags that have maintained their value through many restarts. I don’t think we have any text memory tags in version 8.0.6 projects.

If this turns out to be a version 8 bug, it’ll be one more we’re waiting on before upgrading more complex projects to version 8 (presently waiting on the inverse scaling fix in 8.0.7).

I just got off the phone with them a while ago. Apparently TEXT tags are essentially deprecated. It’s a kind of sort of bug. More a question of depreciation causing problems. Switching our TEXT to STRING works perfectly.


Good to hear! I was thinking string tags for text when writing above; our tags are string tags.