Memory too high

but it changed to normal when I restart the computer.

bash-top shows that even firefox is using more memory and cpu than Ignition.
The first screen shot has nothing to do with memory ram, is just cache memory of store and forward. Watch Overview not Store and Forward, you’re just confusing things.

thank you for your apply .the bash-top shows the ignition-gateway is not the problem ,my main problem is the java useage of memory. It is caused by ignition. after I stoped ignition, the java line disappear.

My java version is 1.8. my ignition version is 8.1.3. is it ok with the java version?

I’ll just assume your barely high cpu usage is due to your high store and forward events.
Is true that COMMAND named java comes from Ignition, I thought it’ll be openjdk or so. Anyways, your first comparison with cpu usage and memory is not equivalent to store memory and is important to keep in mind.

you don’t need to install java for ignition 8.

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