Menu does not match context (right click) menu

Designer: version 7.3 beta 4

I had a number of objects selected on a window. In order to edit them easier I wanted to ungroup them so I went to the Component menu and noticed that ungroup was greyed out. Grrr. So I right clicked on the first component and discovered that ungroup was active so I clicked it. It worked. Then I noticed two things:

  1. right clicking a component did not unselect other selected components
  2. all selects components we ungrouped (which is what I wanted. Yaaa!)

Could you make both menus act the same way?
At first I thought a right click should deselect other stuff, but now that I think a little more about it, I think it’s ok the way you have it.

So all you’re requesting is for component->ungroup in the menu to not be grayed out when multiple components are selected?


I think what you’re getting confused about (understandably so) is the difference between “ungroup” and “ungroup container” which are totally different.

I’m going to remove ungroup container entirely. it is a confusing remnant of the old grouping system.