Menu translate


Im in a project in Spain. I develop the complete SCADA in Spanish, I could change almost all the buttons and menus by scripting but I dont know how to change the right click menus of the graphs and the “add note” in note utility. Any idea?



There is no way for you to change these words, but the upcoming release will have built-in translation for those strings.

I assume this it’s not currently available. Correct if I’m wrong.

In case of not, what is the priority of this feature in the roadmap?

Which version (roughly estimate) will include this?

Ignition 7.7 will have major updates to client localization in it.

Ok, Carl.

Another question (roughly , without compromise):

Estimate release date? Based on previous releases dates: maybe begining of the next year (1st quarter)?

Or the minor updates for 7.6 will be a short dev cycle, like was 7.4 and the 7.7 could be released earlier?

Thank’s for the response.


You’re right, 7.7 should be a shorter cycle. I’d expect it by september