Menu Tree backActionText Prop

Is there a way to change the ‘backActionText’ for back buttons following the one that goes to the home screen?

Ex if I navigate Home>Manufacturing>Facility 2, on the Facility 2 subtree how can I change “Back to Manufacturing” to something else.

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I also want to know that…
I’ve set ‘backActionText’ to ‘Nazaj’ (which is the SLV word for back), and on the first submenu it shows, but on the second+ submenu, it always shows ‘Back to’…
It seems to me like a bug.

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New user who is also running into this issue.

Bumping the thread to see if there was ever a solution found?


Did this ever get solved?
A backActionText and backActionStyle option for menu tree items?

Not an actual solution, but I did find an ok workaround. I added

overflow: hidden
whiteSpace: nowrap
wordSpacing: 150px

to the backActionStyle object in props. Basically it turns the subsubmenu back text from

"Back to Sub Menu Name"


"Back                      to                 Sub                        Menu                        Name"

and since overflow is hidden, all you end up seeing is “Back”, which is good enough for me.

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Thanks for the bandaid.

Any fix to this? Ran into the same issue.