Menu Tree border Color/size

I’ve been beating my head against it for a while, but can’t seem to find the right property.

Is there a way to change the color and size of the borders in a menu tree? As shown in the screenshot below, items in the middle seem to be getting a double border, and I want to change that color a bit.


Hi @grietveld, you’ll just want to modify the border styles for the itemStyle property. You may want to just use the border-top styles to avoid the doubling up:

That seems to add a new border in that place. If I set the border to 0px or even 1px the default line still shows.

That’s true. This can be handled more gracefully to make style application more predictable for the menu items. I will open a bug.

Hi @jball, did this get sorted? It seems you have to specify each items style in order to have no border, which is pretty cumbersome.

@keiran.stokes, I thought that this work was complete, but looks like it still needs to be done. I will bump the bug that we have open for this.

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Any updates on this one? Starting up another darker themed project and it’s showing a bit more than I’d like in my UI.

Edit: Nevermind my root issue was the border being on the header and not on my page title. Though an update would be nice since I would like to tweak some other borders.

Edit 2: Looks like I can hide borders now, so guess a fix was implemented at some point and my initial trouble was user error. Thanks!