Menu Tree - Header Icon Style Class

Is there a way to change the style class of the label icons in a menu tree header? There is the headerStyle property, but it seems that icons ignore the fill color in header/item style classes. You have to apply a style class to the label.icon itself in order to get the fill color to change.

If I apply a style class to the item icon directly, it carries over to the matching header display, but that doesn’t work in my situation as I need it to be a different color when the icon is in a header vs a regular item display.

If needed, I can pull together some screenshots to better explain.

I don’t recall the structure but try setting the icon full style to unset and then set your header style up

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Thanks @nminchin that did the trick. Never knew about unset. It was throwing me for a loop because the icon stroke color was getting inherited properly from the header style, but fill was not. Setting the icon fill style property to unset fixed the issue.

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