Menu Tree / Horizontal Menu - View Navigation and Parameters

When using the Menu Tree / Horizontal Menu components, is there a method to direct to a view not set to an internal page URL?

I have seen mentions of adding this feature in a few posts when these were released but don't seem to have this capability, running 8.1.18.

In addition, if this feature is available, can a view parameter be passed through the Menu Tree elements?

From the docs of the Horizontal Menu, but the Menu Tree has the same description):

target: A URL ( or mounted path to a page (/my-page). If "items" is empty (no subtree to this item), this will navigate to that location.

So Views are not supported in the Menu components. One of the examples does use the word View, but I think that is just an unfortunate mis-use of the terminology and the description should instead make it clear that those items are Page Configurations.