Menu Tree not Showing in Dock

My west dock has a menu tree in it. The menu tree is not showing up but the label above it is showing up. Anyone ever had this problem?

If I add something to that docked view it shows up. The only thing not showing up is the menu tree.

What type of container is the docked view? I’m wondering if the view is being resized while docked causing the menu to shrink to almost nothing. I’ve had issues with charts doing that, and changing the container type or embedding the view seemed to fix it.

It is a flex container.

I would say try making it a coordinate container setup with percent mode, that is how I usually go for docked views. I’m not sure if there is an easier way to make the flex container actually scale things to the component’s contents.

Flex container seems like a reasonable choice for a dock to me.

Here’s a sample Dock I made with Flex Container, a label, and menu tree.
view.json (3.4 KB)

Of note, on the root I have Flex Direction: Column, and Flex Items set the stretch. Also my menu tree has Position grow: 1