Menu tree switch pages

Hi , I want to ues menu tree switch page. The elements on the screen are all the same , so i want to use only one page, change the link of the data by passing different parameters . When I click different item on menu tree change the data links. So how can i solve it ?

If I understand you correctly, seems like you are trying to change the values of various components on your screen based on a selection in a Menu Tree component in Perspective. Sounds like it might be a better idea to use the Tag Browse Tree if you are binding these components to tag values. Simply bind the values of each component to something based on the selection of the Tag Browse tree.

  1. You’ll need to configure your page to accept parameters.
  2. Configure Your Menu Tree items to navigate to a page with those parameters supplied.

Assuming you have a page configuration like /myPage/:paramOne/:paramTwo, your items which would perform navigation should look like this: /myPage/x/y, and /myPage/alpha/beta

  1. When the page receives the parameters, it pumps those into the corresponding Primary View, so bind any relevant component properties against View params with identical keys to those you’ve configured for the page. Binding a Label to display the value of paramOne would look like this:
    Screen Shot 2022-06-23 at 3.13.49 PM