Menus opening in other monitors

I think I’ve seen this in a thread before but couldn’t find it when searching so I thought I’d make one. I use a laptop with a dock that connects to two monitors and use those 90% of the time. However, whenever I unplug the dock for any reason and then plug it back in, all right click popup menus and normal popup menus like file, edit, view etc (in both the client and designer) all open up in the upper right of my laptop monitor, every time, when it should pop up at the mouse position in the monitor. Its frustrating because the only way to fix it is to close the designer or client and reopen it.

I’m wondering if this is a known issue, or maybe specific to something I’m doing. Hopefully theres a solution for it.

Just wanted to give this a bit of a bump… Anyone have this same problem?

Might be a Windows thing. Doesn’t happen to me in Linux.

At least in my experience, this is a Windows/Java thing - it’s never consistent enough, and there are even a few old Java bug reports where they claim it’s fixed.

Dang. I’m using Java 1.8.0_181 - to the best of your knowledge,do you think it’d be worth trying a different (newer?) java version? I’ve never really paid much attention to that aspect of this so I’m not too familiar with it.

I have a 27inch monitor hooked up through a docking station to my laptop. If I open a designer on my laptop screen, I can drag it to the 27 and then I maximize it. However if I start to edit in the designer on my laptop, and then move it to the 27 it will not maximize the designer larger than what it was on my laptop screen without closing the designer and starting over. I’m using windows, and believe it is just a windows thing as previously mentioned.
I also have menus, like the calendar date selection popup, that will open on my laptop screen instead of my 27 even with the client on the 27.

Java : (build 1.8.0_161-b12)

I have this same problem. Every time I undock and re-dock I need to close my designer and re-open. It is annoying and a quirk I need to explain to new users at our organization. I was surprised to hear others have not been having this problem as it is something I have lived with since 2011 across various Ignition/Java/Windows versions.

Ignition 7.7.9
Java 1.8.0_171
Windows 10

As noted above, the common theme in these reports is problem==Windows. Nobody has reported not having the problem in a pluggable monitor situation on Windows. If you have no choice but to work on Windows, you have my condolences.

I see this in windows with the ignition client when using popup menus.