Merge 2 reports

Have a screen with 2 report viewers. Also have the underlying code as such:

cover=event.source.parent.getComponent("tab1") turnover=event.source.partent.getComponent("tab2") cover.print() turnover.print()

However I want to treat these like one report and have them merged together. This way whenI save them as a PDF I get the entire report on one save.

I have tried report=cover+turnover
I have also tried report=cover and turnover
And I have tried variations of using brackets and %s but so far nothing has worked to make these appear as one. What am I missing??


I don’t think you are missing anything - there isn’t a way to merge 2 reports. Try creating 1 report with all of your information.

Ok first off I dont think I mentioned that both of these are in the reporting plug in. Now I have not gotten that far into it but I did notice that there is something there called layers.

So is that where I would create say 2 reports but they would print as one?

Or is there a better way that I am missing.

You can just add more pages to the report.