Merged cells in table

Is this possible to do? Kinda like in this sample one:

Unfortunately, the header row can only have on cell per column. Besides that you can duplicate this table using our table component.

I wasn’t thinking of merging headers, so much as merging cells, but it’s still a no, right?

Your “hero” status is on the line here, Travis… :laughing:

For merging cells the answer is no.

However, in your case you can 4 columns, blank string, Average Height, Average Weight, and Red eyes. For each row the first column has hard coded values, ie Males, Females. You can change the height of the header row by using HTML. For example, the first column’s header can look like


Ah, well, it was worth a look. Thanks anyway! :slight_smile:

Is it possible to merge rows in Ignition perspective table component?

Psst! Post a new topic! Perspective didn’t exist twelve years ago.

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No. But, the CSS guys might say something different.
Maybe you should play with,


but I don’t know if that is what you want

John Snow!

No this will allow us to merge 2 columns headers but not the row