MES 1.0 Analysis Settings - [Run] Exception executing analysis provider. null

I am attempting to load metrics information using Sepasoft’s MES 1.0, and I get the following error from the results:
“[Run] Exception executing analysis provider. null”

I’m not sure what this means, as there is no actual message here telling me what is wrong. Has anyone seen this before?


startDate =, 7, 17), 23, 0, 0)
endDate =, 7, 18), 22, 59, 59)

settings = system.production.utils.createAnalysisSettings()

settings.addFilter('Start Date', system.db.dateFormat(startDate, 'yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss'))
settings.addFilter('End Date', system.db.dateFormat(endDate, 'yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss'))


settings.addDataPoint('Product Code')
settings.addDataPoint('Line Infeed Count')
settings.addDataPoint('Line Production Count')
settings.addDataPoint('Line Standard Count')
settings.addDataPoint('Line Standard Rate')
settings.addDataPoint('Line Standard Rate Period')
settings.addDataPoint('Run Down Time')
settings.addDataPoint('Run Planned Down Time')
settings.addDataPoint('Run Elapsed Time')
settings.addDataPoint('Run Time')
settings.addDataPoint('OEE Quality')
settings.addDataPoint('OEE Performance')
settings.addDataPoint('OEE Availability')

if settings.hasError():
	print 'Error: %s' % settings.getErrorMessage()

results = system.production.utils.getAnalysisResults(settings)
if results.hasError():
	print 'Error: %s' % results.getErrorMessage()

data = results.getTableResults()

Figured it out. I had spaces in “Start Date” and “End Date” which should be “StartDate” and “EndDate”, although no error message came back saying “unknown filter type” or anything like that.