MES intro questions

Hi everybody,

I have several questions to start.

  1. Is MES only available as a module for Ignition or as a stand-alone product as well?
  2. I checked MES pricing today and there was Cell Pricing paragraph. What is a cell in regards to MES?
  3. Is there a manual for MES available somewhere?


Hi Vadim,

Here are the answers to your questions.

  1. MES is a module that works directly with Ignition and is not stand alone. The MES module leverages all the power and features of Ignition.

  2. Cells are the individual machines or manufacturing equipment that you want to monitor.

  3. The manual is available online from the download section of the website.

Please download and install Ignition with the MES module and you can run in trial mode. The trial mode has all the features available but will timeout in two hours (it can easily be reset).


Hi Pete,

Thank you for the quick answers.

  1. Imho, it would be great to make a link on MES manual in User Manuals section as well.

Agreed. Here is a current copy (as of now, OCT11) of the MES manual.

MESUserManual.pdf (4.92 MB)

I just want to verify - if I want the OEE module, what do I have to buy to have the Ignition ‘platform’? Is The Works required? Or can I buy a different module that would install the “Ignition Core Modules” prerequisite? (Vision?)
Thank you!!!