MES Reporting in 7.8

Having the report manager in the Gateway now is much welcomed. For those of us that use the MES modules How can we use the Analysis Controllers as a data source for the reports?

Hi JP,

The MES analysis data can be returned via script that you can use in a “Script” datasource.
The attached PDF will show you the methods and an example.

Pete Low
MES Development
MES Analysis via script.pdf (74.5 KB)

Sweet! I did check the manual before posting. Is that info missing from the manual?



Do you have an example like this on how to script a Pareto from the SPC/Quality module?

Hi Pete, would you be able to provide this script? The link has expired.



Sepasoft has some good examples in their manual:

OEE 2.0

OEE 1.0

Thanks for your help Pete, much appreciated, we got it in the end