Message 'Action Denied'

Hi all,

Can We have message 'Action Denied' to be auto hide or background dismissible?
On a touch screen is hard to close it due to small 'x' in the corner.


It is best to disable a button whose action will be denied, so the user simply cannot click on it.

Yeah, usually I do that. Thanks


the idea is that when I press the button, I run a popup with detailed information... which is somewhat important to me.

yes, I can put the button on the popup and disable it there or not, but I use the popup for various info messages

Pass a "buttonEnabled" parameter to the popup.


and Im doing what in popup with parameter enable/disable btn?

On click btn, I have

  1. Open PopUp with some info (the button deletes the selected row in the table, the info message is detailed about the deleted row)
  2. run script if you are loged (in the security settings options)

I need this message "Action Denied", but if it's auto dissmisible.



I will do all in one script.

  1. script - If logged do: real job , if not open popUp.

that is a way for now

Vision popup button enable

Figure 1. Passing the buttonEnabled parameter to a popup.

Figure 2. On main window's open popup button (or whatever) configure a parameter to be passed to the popup. Bind it to whatever determines whether or not the popup's button should be enabled or not.

Figure 3. On the popup's root container create a custom property.

Figure 4. Creating a binding to the buttonEnabled parameter on the button's Enabled property.

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Thanks for the effort, but...

I know what you're telling me before you made a detailed manual
You didn't understand me, I don't want extra buttons on the popup just ok and close
The button on the page has finished its work if you were logged..
My btn is not for open popUp only, its for delete selected table row, and open popUp with varius Info.
For varius info message I use parameter and dont want more.

Thank you again,but Im lookin for answer:
Can We have message 'Action Denied' to be auto hide or background dismissible?

IMO, this is an anti pattern. A button should have a single well defined function. Anything that occurs outside of that function is a side effect and should be refactored into a different location.

All that being said, the answer you came to above is IMO the only answer.

I will, however, agree that on a touch screen buttons should be appropriately sized for use, and that much at least, is worth a feature request.

You may be able to resize the X to be more appropriately sized with CSS.


Stay calm my friend.
The button performs its functions perfectly.
In an onclick event, you can do a number of things that otherwise wouldn't have a place there.
He deletes a row from the table and a pops up with info, what exactly he deleted, etc. details on...
That's not my question.
Stick to the point please.

I did.

Just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should do it.

I understand your question perfectly.

Can the 'Action Denied' message be hidden automatically or be background dismissible. The answer is no. You're welcome to put in a feature request for this, I doubt it will go anywhere. The option you have is to not attempt to execute the "denied action" unless needed.

You said that you can do this:

if logged:
   #do real job
   #open popUp

This suggests that the button is doing something unrelated to the popUp.

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We aren't "sticking to the point" because you are asking for something that is almost certainly not possible, and should not be necessary. We're volunteers here. You don't get to insist that we answer your precise question instead of helping you solve the real problem.

If you don't want a working answer, then that's on you.

For a precise answer to your question, you should ask for formal IA support, which not this forum.


On click:
if logged: real job popup info msg: what work is done!
else: popUp with info msg: why you can't do the job and what level of security you need!

and it works now. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

What's wrong with it?

If we have a new operator he needs to know why he can't use the button otherwise I'll go down 2 floors every time I explain to him

I have nothing against you, you already answered the question correctly, why are you affected?
It's just that the submitted solutions are very far from what I'm looking for.
And people make efforts that don't serve me.
what I want is already done the way I want it, I don't want 100 popups with various buttons.
This is an informational popup with a text message parameter
only One.
I try to keep project simply and clean.

If you're not logged in, you can't delete, and this is reported to you
if you are logged in, you can delete and you will be told what has been deleted.
It's so simple.
I only wanted to use the system message ( 'Action Denied') if it was auto hiding.
That's all.

Because I care about this community. Which is a community of volunteers. While IA employees pop in here often, it isn't official support. You are treating people who are trying to help you as if they owe you their help, and precisely the way you want it.

Many participants here are in positions where they cannot push back against such behavior. I don't want lurkers to think it is appropriate on this forum.


You can delete me or delete the topic. You decide.
On my project - I decide. Only there... and in my house of course :wink:
My project will work anyway, even if I write it in Django, as I did before we had the wonderful Ignition perspective. Where many things are sometimes solved with one click
For that I wanted to use the existing one 'Action Denied'.

//a disabled button does not work because it does not explain to the operator why it is disabled and what level of security is required to use it.

I'm impulsive, in a hurry to get work done, and I'm busy when someone explains something I'm not looking for...aah and...boom.Iit's part of my character. I'm trying to fix it, but...

Nice day.