Message handler error in nested tables

Hi everybody, I’m actually working on a project in which I have to make one main table, that has a subview with a nested table inside, and that table is going to have another nested table, So what I do is:

-When the event “onSubviewExpand” is executed in the main table, I send a broadcast using message handlers with “sendMessage” and the ID of the row selected being one of the parameters passed.
-The nested table subscribes to the broadcast and receives the message, with the “id” being also a Dataset. The message handler receives the id, gets the right Dataset from the tags and then sends the info to the property.
-The same is done to the third nested table.

It is working, but sometimes the Dataset that is displayed in the nested table is not the correct one. I’m trying to print in the console the selected ID to track the problem, but sometimes doesn’t print it at all.

Video for reference:

I’m still learning so all help is greatly appreciated.

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