Message handler not refreshing property

I have a small table with a counter for manufactured parts.
I want to restart a count on pressing the button. e.g. it is 3 pm when the button is pressed, so the table should refresh / reset to 0 and start counting up again.

For this I want to use a tag history binding that uses now(0) (only poll once) as start date and so the button refreshes or resets the start date of the binding when it is pressed.

Here I am using a boolean count on when a new product is detected as ready.

I made an event for the button, onClick


and a message handler called refresh on the table (I was trying with the first row to test)


But it is not working… is it a syntax problem or is this not the correct method to use for what I want to do?

Does[0].Products itself have a binding ? Or is the binding on, or something else ?

Yes, it has a binding! Every row is binded using the same structure but to different tags.
The picture above of the binding corresponds to[0]


Is it Products or Product_count?

I just changed it to Product_count so that it is easier to explain

did you confirm the messages get recieved?

put in a log or print on the message handler and in the transformscript in the binding^^