Message Handler script error

Hi All
I’ve been trying to call a message handler script on a remote gateway (7.9.9) from a perspective session (8.1.4) through an action performed script and getting this error message:

I use the [system.util.sendRequest] (system.util.sendRequest - Ignition User Manual 8.0 - Ignition Documentation) to invoke the gateway message script while passing the payload, remote server, message script name and the project name. Could anyone see where I could be possibly going wrong?

FYI, the message script worked when I called that script from the same gateway (7.9.9) where it is located so there is something missing when it is being called from the perspective’s gateway (8.1.4).



I think the 7.9 gateway may need to be upgraded to a more recent version of 7.9 before it can interoperate with an 8.x gateway… let me check with someone.

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Yeah, the minimum versions for each side are 7.9.14 and 8.0.11.

So you’ll need to upgrade your 7.9 gateway to make this work (just go all the way to whatever the latest version is, don’t go to 7.9.14).

Perfect, thanks for the timely help @Kevin.Herron