Message Handler to show selected Machine data in Flex Repeater

We are trying to create a popup that allows user to select multiple machines using checkboxes. Based on the machines that are selected, we want to show data in our main view, which is a flex repeater.
We are currently getting our machine data from database in a custom property using Query Binding. However, when we try to show data for selected machines in flex repeater using the custom property, it is showing for all the instances of custom property, not just the selected machines.

Try to refresh the query binding after you have done the selection of machines in the popup.

Actually, we are unable to figure out, how to show data in flex repeater based on selected machines from popup.

Save the name or id of the selected machines. Then modify the query in such a way that only data of selected machines are fetched.

Create a binding on props.instances to modify the instances to reflect what is in the custom property. If you expand the existing instances you will see the data structure required to be returned from your binding.

The instances will now update any time the custom variable changes.