Meter bounds

Meter doesn’t render tick marks properly in the client when Overall High Bound property is changed. Renders properly in the designer but not when launched in the client.

Can you provide some details about the settings you’re using when observing this? I can’t seem to reproduce it.

See attached screen captures.

I have a feeling that you typed in the “10” for the “Overall High Bound” manually. See how that property is bold? This means its bound to something. In this case it is probably bound to a SQLTag’s Eng. Hi. metadata property. So when you open up the screen in the runtime the binding resets the overall high bound to 100

To fix this either:
a) Remove the binding, or
b) set the tag’s Eng. Hi. metadata property to 10

Thank ya sir. Didn’t notice that.

Any way to get rid of the red semicircle when in chord mode?

That is there because your meter’s intervals don’t match the bounds. Turn the intervals off (make them all 0-0) or set them to be within the bounds for the red semicircle to go away.

Thanks Carl. I’ll dig a little deeper next time before I bug you.

No problem, glad its working.