Meter component issues

Is it me or is there a problem with the Meter ccomponent?

When I drop a meter component in a window and then drag a tag to it, editing some of the properties doesn’t stick.

The meter has a lower bound and an upper bound. It defaults to 0 to 100.

If I set the lower bound to -100, it works correctly in the editor. Using one of simulated tags, it will swing between -100 and +100.

If I save the project, and recall it, the lower bound reverts to 0.

Should the change stick?

Launching the project in a window shows the lower bound is now 9.

The tick size sticks but the lower bound does not.

Version is 7.2.4




The upper and lower bounds are linked to the tags bounds. In otherwords, the properties of the tag you first assigned (dragged) on to the component create a link to the tags upper and lower limits. You can either modify the tags bounds or delete the binding on upper and lower bounds.

Hope this helps!

Duh, my bad.

Thanks for the help.