Meter Component Resize Problem

Need some help on the native “Meter Component”.
I’m using VISION in Ignition 8.0.4.

The problem is that when you resize the meter component, the tick size and the distance between the tick and tick label stay almost the same.
When the component is getting smaller, the tick occupy most of the space.

On my current project, if the user is using a 24" monitor then it will look fine.
But if they use a 21" monitor or less, the tick label will overlap with each other.

I’m sure somebody have stumble upon this issue before.
Was hoping somebody can share their solution :grinning::grinning::grinning:


You have ‘found’ something, that has been there from the beginning of Ignition Vision and it is present still today, in v8…
Almost all (or should I say all) components in Vision have some part in them, that doesn’t scale properly (or not at all).
That is THE only thing in/about Ignition, that drives me ‘crazy’ for years now, and I don’t understand that is still not fixed today…

I guess the problem is related to font size which cannot be scaled arbitrarily in canvas and svg as well as java swing and is maintained same along with tick size as one unit to simplify coding .

In the component, there’s an option to reduce font size, but it won’t reduce the tick size…
Do you know if there’s a workaround to play with the tick size?

Otherwise, wondering if anybody has created some similar component… I thought of making a new template but as there’s no native arc shape it’s very hard to do…