Meter Not Rending Correctly

If using anything but the default Low/High bounds of 0-100, the meter does not render correctly in either Designer or the Vision Client. Image attached.

Your low and high bound properties on the component show as being bound to something - that binding will evaluate at runtime (in the Vision client or in ‘preview mode’ in the designer) and wipe out whatever manually entered value you put into the properties. Check what the bindings are and where they’re coming from.

Also, if you’re not aware - you can probably save yourself some grief by changing the property filter to “All” from “Basic”:

Otherwise lots of component behaviors will be obscured from you.

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Got it - I mistakenly assumed that manual entries took precedence. Thanks Paul!

One suggestion though is to have it behave the same when rendering in Designer.

It should behave the same in the Designer’s Preview Mode. Scripts don’t run in Design mode (with a few exceptions) so any values delivered that way won’t happen.

Yup. No scripts involved here. Simple tag binding.