Method to force gateway to check for new/updated project files?

How can I force the gateway to check for updated/new project files, instead of having to wait for the default 5mins? (I don't want to change the default)


Perhaps I'm not understanding the question, but if your updates are being sent via an Agent task at certain intervals, you can access that task via the gateway's web interface under Enterprise Administration --> Agent tasks. Then, just click on the "More" dropdown to the right of the task and select "Run Now" to push the update.


I mean, when you make changes to project files on the gateway for example edit the json of a View's code file, it takes up to 5mins for those changes to be read in by the gateway for then to take effect. It applies to v8 only (it looks like your screenshot is from 7 I think)

I see. I was envisioning making designer edits on a development server and then having to wait for the updates to get pushed out to the production servers.

Not currently possible: