Method to Text Different Numbers based on Active Schedule

Hello Everyone,

I am creating a system that needs to alert operators that will have multiple phones with them.

Is there any way that I can enter all the numbers into a single user profile and have the alarm pipeline selectively text certain numbers based on the current active schedule?

For example.

John Smith has two numbers:

  1. Work provided phone
  2. Personal phone

There are two basic schedules:

  1. Normal Hours (6am to 3pm) M-F
  2. Off Hours (Opposite of Normal hours)

I want the pipeline to text John Smith’s work phone during normal hours and his personal phone during off hours.

Is this possible?


Does anyone have ideas for this?

I would use system.user.isUserScheduled to determine if the operator is active or not.
In this case you must use a calculated roster because the notification module would check scheduled user and notify only if they’re active.

Calculated roster are build with script, that is the place you should place the function I mentioned earlier.
A very import part of this is to get the users info via Ignition SDK or functions like system.user.getUsers. In the other hand, if your user-source is DB based it can turn into a few simple queries.