Metler Toledo IND570 Weight Data (float)

Has anyone configured the Metler Toledo IND570 using Ignition’s Modbus device driver? I just need to read live weight data from the device through Ignition.

I created the device in the Ignition gateway following the instructions here

I created an OPC tag to read the weight data [float format] (holding register 400002-400003) following the example shown here

Here are my settings:

Unfortunately, the displayed weight looks like this:

Any assistance that would resolve this, would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

The the driver’s Swap Word Order setting for this device. And/or zero-based vs. one-based addressing.

I have these. I used just a plain TCP/IP driver. Over the telnet port if I remember correctly. You can navigate to the IP address of the device in a web browser and they have a good webapp. If all you need is weight. You don’t need modbus. They also support FTP. If you have the lan or wifi option.

One-based addressing is checked, zero-based addressing doesn’t return any values. The IND570 is set to floating point, and Word Swap, while the Ignition driver’s Reverse Word Order is unchecked (when it is checked it returns negative integer values of the same length as the one shown above).

I got it working by selecting Byte Swap on the IND570 terminal and Reverse Word Order on the Ignition device setting. However, now I am getting only data up to the first decimal place, for instance 3.01 Kg on the terminal is displayed as 3.00 Kg. I’ve checked all the terminal’s settings, but couldn’t find anything that refers to modifying the precision of weights displayed. Any ideas?

Sorry no. You got further than me man. I never could get anything to work on the Modbus driver. But, if you’re getting ‘KG’ i would assume all your swapping/ordering is correct. Where the print settings for resolution or rounding or continuous? I don’t have access to mine currently unless I go out on the floor to another building.

I didn’t try altering the device settings back then. Which is what it sounds like you had to do. Now I want to go back and mess with it. Because you can send zero and print commands over Modbus but not TCP/IP

Good luck!
and post back

I thought I should point out that it doesn’t display ‘KG’ in Ignition, just the value of the weight.

The scale is showing 3.01, but Ignition shows 3.00.


Have you mapped HR1025, the command register, and placed either 10 or 11 there to request continuous update? (Per the IND570 PLC comms manual for ModbusTCP, table B-4 on page B-7.)

Maybe needs to be command 13 or 14 for “fine” weight reporting.