Metrics Dashboard Icon Not Found

We have 3 gateway servers, the issue only occurs in one of sever. I also capture the screen as attached. Any ideas?

What metric is it ?

edit: nvm it's in the card's title...
For the one on the right, I assume you bound that card to something session related and this session was closed.
For the other one... huh.
Not familiar enough with this feature.

The Perspective Session metric is most likely a specific session which no longer exists, but your screenshot doesn't provide the information needed to verify that.

The Disk Used/Total metric is likely related to a known issue when attempting to use metrics as part of a Gateway Network. From our internal ticket:

Issue happens for metrics having a top folder beginning with https://

So look to see if the metric you're attempting to view has a folder with such a string.

I used the standard function as below. BTW, the function back to normal but I don't know what happened.

Is there any way to add these metrics in Vision via a component?