Metter Toledo data to Ignition

Other than weight, is it possible to get Machine name, material name from scale to Ignition ?
Machine name, material name is being stored in PLU of weighing scale.

Model? Options?

Mettler Toledo MT-SICS Reference Manual should help you, assuming it is a relatively modern model. Page 43 specifies a command for fetching the device information, which includes the model number and description of the scale.

You can connect via RS-232 on most of their scales, some also have ethernet connectivity options, you will have to reference the model’s specific manual for that.

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This is my application.

I think you will need a complicated script to regularly interrogate the scale and forward the responses to tags. Based on that reference manual. Good luck.

Hey, can you just point out the page number in manual where i can get data like material name and machine name?

You would need some way for Ignition to know that the scale has measured and is ready to send data.

Page 151 Details the stable weight reading command, the command on page 152 will grab current weight, regardless of stability.

Page 43 Will give you device information including model number and description (name?) of the scale.

Page 14 might be what you need to to fetch the material name, I can’t know for sure since I don’t know how the scale has been configured.

Ultimately, you will probably have to read through at least the command list to try to find what makes sense based on the application configuration on the scale.