Micro 820 Daily Totals

Having a weird issue as of yesterday with two of my micro 820's. The daily waterflow totals are no longer updating and the reset didnt occur for the 24hr tag either. No changes were made to either of the micros. All other tags function properly....current water flow, total water flow. Its only the daily totals and daily reset. Anyone have any ideas?

How do you do the reset the tag?

Do you see quality issues on the tags not working?

How are the 820s talking to Ignition?

How is you time monitored? Just a 24 hr timer or with Time Clock that is update from Internet or server someplace. Did your local time zone update?

Quality of the tag shows as good in ignition. In the main program there is just a 1D timer that triggers the reset in each flow meter 1-4, There is a MOV instruction to take the temp tag value and move it to the 24hr tag value and then another MOV to reset the temp tag to 0.

Time is just a 24 hour timer dcamp. We went back 1 hour on sunday morning at 2am, but im pretty sure the 24 hour numbers updated fine on monday.

Is the timer in the PLC or Ignition?

Its in the Micro 820

Did you write this program? If so have you hooked up and in "Debug" mode you can see what is going on with the scan. I have 100's of the Micro800 in the field running all kinds of timers and total tracking routines and I have never had a single problem.

Now I do understand there is always a first. It's just that you say it has happen with 2 units (That in itself is odd) unless there is a problem with program (which is the common between the two)?

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  1. is there any chance it is offline, such as it get turned off at. If it looses power at any point it will throw out your calculations.

Also, can you show you reset logic?

And might there be anything which could conflict with a write?